Product News | Bayretail Spring 22' Release

We are excited to announce the general availability of our Spring’22 release.

Product News | Bayretail Spring 22' Release

Bayretail Spring 22' Release

Bayretail Store App for SFCC

With the Spring'22 release a new product within the Bayretail solution portfolio comes to life : Bayretail Store App for SFCC. This new solution will allow SFCC customers to benefit from a version of the Bayretail Store App deeply integrated with SFCC. Among other things, store associates will be able to access the product catalog, search for customers and create orders directly in Commerce Cloud !

Bayretail's SuperScan

With the Spring’22 release the users will now be equipped with the SuperScan feature. All they have to do is pull out their device to scan a product barcode or a customer loyalty card, and bam... the product or customer data sheet appears in the blink of an eye !

Bayretail's Clienteling Campaign

Make it easy ! With the spring’22 Bayretail Mobile Clienteling App we will be releasing the Clienteling campaign widget : a real ice breaker between headquarters and the field. This new feature allows the HQ to push all kinds of campaigns to the users through an intuitive interface making the follow up process much easier !  

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